About us

HIAK has been developing and marketing noise reducing products since 1947. The first product developed was a mobile silencer that was used for function-testing the first jet air craft used by the Swedish military. The successful result laid the foundations for the knowledge and experience required to develop industrial noise reduction solutions for a variety of applications.

HIAK possesses an extraordinary capacity to develop new products and solutions for optimised noise reduction. Over the years, we have built up a comprehensive portfolio of applications and solutions for the process, manufacturing and construction industries.

In addition, we have developed machine enclosure solutions and silencers for gas and steam turbines, the energy sector and the aeronautical industry. We also possess in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing processes behind the products we use in our solutions.

Thanks to our long and broad experience in the field of noise reduction, our employees possess a remarkably deep pool of knowledge, which we consider to be our most important resource. HIAK employs the leading experts in the field of industrial acoustic applications, and we can bring the full weight of our knowledge to bear on all future challenges.

Our business concept

HIAK identifies, analyses and deals with acoustic challenges with the emphasis on customer value by designing products and services to ensure the optimal sound environment.

Vision and mission

Your dynamic partner in acoustic innovation.

We reduce disruptive noise to allow people to thrive in and around noisy environments.