CASE – Silencer, Rosenlundsverken, Göteborg Energi AB

Silencer, Rosenlundsverken, Göteborg Energi AB

Göteborg Energi has been expanding its district heating network on an ongoing basis. The Rosenlundsverken plant enjoys an excellent strategic location as a heat-generating unit, and with its high capacity it plays an important role in ensuring that Göteborg Energi supplies heating to its customers.

However, a noise mapping process carried out by the Swedish EPA revealed that the facility was emitting too much noise into its surroundings. As a result, the noise level had to be reduced if the unit was to continue functioning as a heat generator.

Göteborg Energi contacted us at HIAK. We performed calculations and designed enclosures featuring a baffle silencer on the intake as well as a duct silencer in the exhaust duct leading to the chimney.

The exhaust silencer was designed to provide easy access for service and inspection. In this case, we had to design and construct special products to meet the site-specific requirements exactly.

The products delivered were checked against the Göteborg Energi specification of requirements. HIAK succeeded in meeting the extremely stringent demands with regard to acoustics, accessibility, quality and pressure drop.

Extraordinary skills in noise and disruptive sounds

Our engineers are some of Sweden’s leading experts in industrial soundproofing.

We possess extraordinary skills in noise and disruptive sounds.

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