CASE – Central control room, Korsnäs AB

Central control room, Korsnäs AB

KORSNÄS AB was looking for help in setting up a shared central control room with a variety of functions and well-functioning working environment for running its two paper machines: PM4 and PM5. Control operations were previously carried out from a number of separate rooms.

During the project, we worked closely with the client to prepare a solid decision-making basis. In addition to improved synergies and better working relationships between employees, the company was keen to make the working environment more pleasant and comfortable.

The solution chosen was a large – 600 m2 – shared room with a noise level below 45 dB(A), extremely low vibration levels and classed as fire-resistant for 60 minutes. The space comprises office facilities, a meeting room, dining areas and a little kitchen.

The preparatory work and installation were carried out during full production on both paper machines – without disrupting operations and with no compromise on quality.

Extraordinary skills in noise and disruptive sounds

Our engineers are some of Sweden’s leading experts in industrial soundproofing.

We possess extraordinary skills in noise and disruptive sounds.

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