CASE – Soundproof enclosure, ABB

Soundproof enclosure, ABB

As development is moving in the direction of an increased number of stations with power transformers and shunt reactors in built-up areas, it is becoming increasingly important to deal with the noise from such facilities. Transformers and reactors typically emit low-frequency, tonal noise that is often considered extremely unpleasant and disruptive.

However, it is possible to limit the noise from these sources using HIAK’s soundproof enclosures or shields. We produce optimal, bespoke solutions drawing on our knowledge and years of experience in performing noise calculations, taking into account the complex sources of the noise.

Noise cages can either be built around the transformer/reactor or set up as free-standing units depending on the noise requirements and the space/service needs. Our removable wall and ceiling sections are available in a range of designs to ensure optimal soundproofing, where we work closely with customers to adapt the soundproofing solution to accommodate oil pipes for radiator batteries, lead-throughs and the requisite hatches, etc.

The large soundproof enclosures are fitted with doors to allow fast and easy access to the reactor.

HIAK possesses the knowledge and the experience to carry out the necessary noise calculations, design, manufacture, project management and installation. Our products are the result of years and years of experience, combined with comprehensive noise tests at the customer’s premises and in our own laboratory.

HIAK has been supplying soundproof enclosures to ABB installations all over the world since the 1980s.

The picture above shows a soundproof enclosure around a shunt reactor in New Jersey, USA.

Extraordinary skills in noise and disruptive sounds

Our engineers are some of Sweden’s leading experts in industrial soundproofing.

We possess extraordinary skills in noise and disruptive sounds.

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