CASE – Silencer, Nordic Paper Bäckhammar AB

Silencer, Nordic Paper Bäckhammar AB

Nordic Paper Bäckhammar is a paper mill. Property owners in the immediate vicinity were complaining about disruptive noise in the evening and at night. Measurements demonstrated that the noise level had to be reduced by 3–8 dB(A). A noise mapping process was completed to determine which parts of the existing equipment needed to be soundproofed. Once this process had been performed, it revealed a desired reduction of 3–12 dB(A).

HIAK was brought in and we analysed the requested level of soundproofing. We determined that following certain changes, we could help the mill come up with an extremely cost-effective solution that would allow it to meet the new noise targets.

Our proposal also included the work to dismantle the old system and install our own parts. The work ran smoothly in partnership with local companies, in consultation with the customer, and under the leadership of our own project managers.

Extraordinary skills in noise and disruptive sounds

Our engineers are some of Sweden’s leading experts in industrial soundproofing.

We possess extraordinary skills in noise and disruptive sounds.

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