CASE – Silencer, Edvard Grieg, Halvorsen TEC

Silencer, Edvard Grieg, Halvorsen TEC

The oil field is far from shore, which makes land-based power supply extremely complicated and costly. The platform therefore has to generate its own electricity, which it does via a gas turbine. This functions as a giant ‘kettle’, producing steam that powers the actual turbines, which generate electricity.

As the turbines are located right next to the office and accommodation units, it is essential to shut off as much noise as possible. On an oil platform, weight is another crucial factor with regard to safety. The turbines are located high on the platform, so it is important that they do not weigh too much.

HIAK dimensioned a silencer with an intake and an exhaust cone. What is most important in systems of this kind – where weight is a crucial factor – is to calculate the flow across the intake cone correctly. The intake cone controls the soundproofing, and the flow has to be even to allow appropriate calculation of the total absorption surface.

The total noise image becomes a sum of the noise that passes out through the chimney and the noise that penetrates the silencer casing, together with the cones and ducts.

Calculation of distances revealed that the chimney duct and the silencer casing are the areas closest to the requirement points where the noise level is to be guaranteed. This means that the acoustic dimensioning of the casing is at least as important – or even more important – than the actual insert soundproofing in the silencer.

Combined with the casing, the two silencers ensure the set-up meets the noise level requirements. When there are two systems so close together, each system affects the other (in the same way as two loudspeakers). The personnel on the platform are not disturbed by the noise from the power supply, and the platform can operate using the electricity generated by the system.

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