Copenhagen Opera House

Our doors are installed in one of the worlds most modern and exclusive opera house ever built, Copenhagen Opera House, opened 2005. Only the best was good enough for this project designed by the well known architect Henning Larsen. To this extremely challenging project, Hedemoradörren was selected to supply all major special doors with high acoustical requirements.

The entrée to the main scene with a convex, motorized 20 m wide sliding door followed by 3 motorized gates and two emergency exit gates.

For the rehearsal and studio scenes we delivered three large motorized sliding doors and block walls.

The requirements on finish and function was extremely high. All doors to the main scene are designed to be incorporated in the wall construction. The doors shall exist without being visible. All architectural requirements in combination with high requirements on noise and fire was a challenge we managed to accomplish.

The project is a good example of what Hedemoradörren can achieve in terms of advanced special doors. We also managed assembly and commissioning.

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