CASE – Gas turbine air intake, Sydkraft Thermal Power AB

Gas turbine air intake, Sydkraft Thermal Power AB

Sydkraft had to renovate a gas turbine installation to ensure it could provide an additional 20 years of operation. HIAK had not supplied the previous silencer, and having visited the site to inspect the installation, we determined that the best solution would be to make a completely new air intake because the existing one was in such poor condition.

Our solution was based on delivering finished containers with a pre-fitted filter stage for the installation project. These could then simply be lifted into position. With regard to the exhaust system, we noted that the existing silencer body required renovation. We proposed two different solutions: one that simply involved renovating the existing system, and a more expensive one based on a completely new silencer that was to be built to our own design.

Sydkraft chose the more expensive solution – involving our own design – as the company was quick to spot the benefits it provided.

Our proposal also included the work to dismantle the old system and install our own parts. The work ran smoothly in partnership with local companies, in consultation with the customer, and under the leadership of our own project managers.

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We possess extraordinary skills in noise and disruptive sounds.

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