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Doors from Hedemoradörren meet the highest acoustic requirements.

A well-insulated wall must be fitted with the right type of door if you want to keep the noise out. Installing a Hedemoradörren door is the most efficient way to ensure the undisturbed environment that is essential during a theatrical performance, a concert or a meeting. And we always supply a sound guarantee on all our soundproof doors.

Construction and design

A robust and well isolated door may not be enough. What distinguishes Hedemoradörren from other sound proof doors is the absorbing panel on the door leaf. The absorbing panel stops leakage through the slit between the door leaf and the doorframe. Our doors are stable and manufactured with the detailed precision required for the unique properties to last for long term use.

All doors are designed to meet the variable sound requirements for different applications.

The doors are cleverly designed to facilitate multiple sizes. The combination of materials and construction also makes the doors smooth and light to open and close besides meeting the required sound requirements. Our attention to design and details is our signature.

We also manufacture special design doors with fire classification and CE marking according to your architecture.

Steel doors

We have delivered and installed our heavy duty steel doors in a wide variety of environments, from TV studios and heavy industry. Hedemoradörren as single door is offered in a range from 7 x 7 M to 15 x 31 M. Couple doors are offered from 11 x 20 to 44 x 44 M.

Wooden doors

Our elegant wooden doors are popular in many public spaces such as theaters, cinemas and for example at Royal College in music, Stockholm. We offer all normal standard sizes for wooden interior doors but also significantly bigger sizes up to 22 x 23 M.

Special doors

Special doors are doors and gates with special dimensions, shapes or materials designed together with You as a customer to satisfy your wishes for esthetics, function and look and feel. We can deliver large motorized swing doors and sliding doors. Or doors equipped with special surface treatment or material according to your wishes. In close collaboration we design a solution that meets your vision. We do what others don’t!

Soundproof doors that keep our promises.

To prescribe or purchase products with high acoustic performance may seem simple. Products are declared with different type of specification for noise reduction that may seem easy to compare. Many times it is not that easy. First of all, similar weighted values of sound reduction does not guarantee that the products have identical performance. Looking at the underlying sound reduction spectra may tell that the product performs very differently for different frequencies. This may give big differences in experienced performance depending the environment in which the products will be used. In particular for high performance acoustic products this is of outmost importance and for fair comparison the supplier shall provide performance spectra for relevant frequencies.

Secondly, acoustic performance in general is measured in the laboratory on ONE product that may be optimized for the measurement. Many manufacturers convert standard products to achieve higher performance for the test object which may not be fulfilled during serial production. It is very difficult for you as a buyer to prove that the products don’t meet the specifications. No authority exists to verify performance in filed applications and to measure sound performance is often very difficult and expensive. We perform sample testing from time to time products on the market and verified result is often far from the specified performance. This is a picture shared by both HIAK and other acoustic consultants.

HIAK does not deliver standard products. Acoustics is our core competence and our products are developed with focus on highest possible acoustic performance. Product samples measured in the certification lab are not optimized for that particular measurement but representative for any give product delivered to the market. Our products keep what we promise, today and tomorrow.

Our turn key solutions is your security. We take care of the whole process from sound measurement to sound guarantee.

Sound measurement
Our highly skilled acousticians can through their experience and expertise easily understand your challenges and wishes. We offer sound measurements, investigations and prestudies to the level you prefer. Our competence is unique within the field, we perform calculations and measurements, both in our lab and on site.

Project management
We have extensive experience from managing both small and large projects. Our processes are proven and well established, yet we are flexible and willing to listen to your demands. You as a customer decides how much you prefer to be involved in the project.

Product delivery
We plan our deliveries together with you to make sure that the product is on time to specified location. The deliveries are clearly marked according to your preferences and we pack the doors for protection through the transport chain. In most cases they are packed on pallet which makes them easy to relocate.

Assembly with experience
Our assembly team have more than 40 years of experience working with noise-absorbing products for our customers. Our fitters constantly keep up to latest regulations in safety and work environment. They are up to date with new products and holds all essential licenses. This makes us able to offer efficient and safe assembly for you.

Sound guarantee
We keep what we promise. That is our promise to you as a customer. Our sound guarantee is your insurance for the result agreed upon.