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Wooden Doors

- Our wooden doors offer variable designs without compromising the acoustic performance

Our elegant wooden doors are popular in many public spaces such as theaters, cinemas and for example at Royal College in music, Stockholm.

The wooden doors are delivered with normal threshold in oak or red beech alternatively surface mounted threshold. We offer all normal standard sizes for wooden interior doors but also significantly bigger sizes up to 22 x 23 M.

All wooden doors from Hedemoradörren are delivered with your choice of color or laminate and with edging of for example red beech. Other options are wooden veneers of different type, such as birch, red beech or teak. The doors require a minimum of maintenance.


As standard, we deliver a threshold in oak. When needed for accessibility we can also deliver a mechanical threshold that are mounted in the bottom of the door leaf, complemented with a 10 mm oak threshold that can easily be run over. If you prefer to keep the floor completely flat the threshold can also be excluded.

Free opening
Available opening 90° or 180° , see technical data sheet.

Lars Olsson
Sales Manager, Doors & Gates

Dir: +46 (0)225-59 56 32
Mob: +46 (0) 70 569 19 69

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