Power and Energy

HIAK supplies heat and power generators with products and solutions to deal with indoor and outdoor sources of noise. Distribution of electrical power is another area in which we supply specialist products and solutions to reduce the types of low-frequency noise that arise in transformers and reactors. Our range comprises products for incorporating in new units during the manufacturing phase, and for end users with existing facilities.


Manufacturing and process industries

Both manufacturing and process industries feature a great many sources of disruptive noise that demand various types of adapted noise reduction. We can take care of such issues with the least possible impact on production capacity. One important factor in the process industry is to optimise silencers so as to ensure the least possible pressure drop in relation to noise requirements, and thus maintain the maximum efficiency possible. Shielding operators from disruptive noise is crucial to occupational health and safety.


Marine and offshore

Offshore installations, distinguished by tough weather conditions are extremely high access requirements place extraordinary demands on both materials and design. Solutions for the marine and offshore industry have to be able to meet demands for low weight and high silencing, while simultaneously ensuring elevated performance from the units produced for this extreme environment.

HIAK is qualified according to the Achilles Joint Qualification System for suppliers to the oil industry in Norway and Denmark.


Engine testing installations

HIAK supplies soundproofed test facility solutions for everything from car and truck engines to complete test buildings for jet planes – and everything in between. In fact, HIAK actually began its business in the aeronautical industry. Ever since the first jet-powered Swedish fighter – the Saab 32 Lansen (Lance) – was launched in the 1950s, HIAK has been supplying noise-reducing products to air forces in a variety of countries.

Our customer base includes the air forces in Finland, Italy, Korea, Norway, Sweden, the UK and the US Air Force. Noise reduction within the aeronautical sector is ‘state of the art’ for industrial acoustics. If you can deal with the scream of a jet fighter firing up its after-burners, you can take care of pretty much anything in the field of noise reduction.