Power and Energy


Power and Energy

HIAK supplies heat and power generators with products and solutions to deal with indoor and outdoor sources of noise. Distribution of electrical power is another area in which we supply specialist products and solutions to reduce the types of low-frequency noise that arise in transformers and reactors. Our range comprises products for incorporating in new units during the manufacturing phase, and for end users with existing facilities.

Extraordinary skills in noise and disruptive sounds

Our engineers are some of Sweden’s leading experts in industrial noise reduction.

We possess extraordinary skills in dealing with noise and disruptive sounds.

You can be sure of ongoing, well-founded support throughout the process from problem identification to final product. Click here to find out exactly what the process entails

We adapt our solutions to match your needs exactly

We deliver a complete package of drawings, or assist you every step of the way to a turnkey solution. You decide the scope of the commission. We also provide ongoing maintenance of the noise reduction constructions.

Illustration of gas turbine facility for energy production. HIAK has a complete range of products for noise reduction, air filtration and ventilation.